Meet the Erdmann's

Albert Erdmann started raising Angus Cattle in the mid 50's by showing heifers in 4-H. After graduating from Leola High School, he married his wife of over 46
years, Marilyn, in July 1959. He served in the US Air Force from 1959-1964, and returned to run cattle with his father Ora and brother LeRoy. In 1970 he
purchased 20 additional registered Angus heifers from his dad, and raised and sold cattle with Erdmann Angus Ranch Inc until 1985. It was then he decided to
sell his own bulls and heifers private treaty. The majority of the cows in the herd of over 650 head can be traced back to the original herd started back in 1939
by his dad.

Marilyn and Albert are the proud parents of seven children: five daughters include Laura, Elizabeth, Terri, Kristi and Nichole and two sons, Daniel and Joseph.
Furthermore, they have been blessed with 11 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Over the past few years, an extensive blood sampling program has been installed. Any cattle that show up with possible carriers in their history are tested
before using. Our goal is to eradicate carriers for all genetic defects identified by the American Angus Association and maintain a clean herd on all levels.

To keep up with current trends and new bloodline, artificial insemination of yearling heifers and top producing cows is utilized to provide new herd sires while
still infusing the exceptional mother cow traits that are valued so highly here. Occasionally, the infusion some of the old genetics is processed into our breeding
program as well, like the Marshall Prides, Revolutions, and Eileenmere bloodlines.

We sell our steers and sale heifers in October, and start selling bulls in mid-January. The majority of our heifer calves are sought after as seedstock females,
and have provided the backbone for many other purebred operations in several states.

Due to health issues, Marilyn and Albert moved into Leola in 2002. The present-day operation includes the original ranch at Wetonka, which Joseph and his
wife Sheila, and their sons Andrew and Matthew manage. The North Ranch is 8 miles NW of Leola, and is operated by Daniel and his wife Anne Jo, and their
children Royce, Reid, and Brianna. The Erdmann Angus Ranch tradition continues into the next generation, and beyond.
Albert & Marilyn Erdmann
2006 Honored Angus
Breeder for SD
Daniel and Anne Jo
Erdmann guide the
daily production of the
North Ranch division
of Erdmann Angus
Ranch. Their children
Royce, Reid and
Brianna all own their
own cows and help
Joe and Sheila Erdmann oversee the
South branch of Erdmann Angus
Ranch, located near Wetonka, SD.
Pictured is their son Andrew and his
wife Trish, along with their younger
son Matthew
Big cousin Andrew helps Brianna show her first heifer at age of 7.
Her June calf was shown at the Northern Plains Regional Calf
Show held annually in Aberdeen SD. Erdmann Angus has been a
supporter and participant of the show for many years.
The Erdmann Boys went to
Denver CO for the National Jr
Angus show in 2005. Here
they are spending quality time
learning Texas Hold Em
Here are the guys on the
show road, before they got
Family picture from
Andrew and Trish's
wedding July 2013.